Amorphous work portfolio


Fourways Mall

See how Amorphous created a new logo and vibrant marketing campaign to entice shoppers to return to Fourways Mall after years of construction.

Momentum Whitepaper

How do you bring a complicated technical document to life? With an Amorphous idea.

Get the 411

Amorphous built a platform that spread good vibes around a community from a grass-roots level.

Sanlam Africa Investments

With our sister company and data specialists, Dot Network, we created a campaign for highly valuable investors. Like $500 million valuable.

RAiN and b.rain

When a boutique auditing firm needed to put their best foot forward, they came to us for a company profile that was as elegant as it was informative.

Collaborative Exchange

When the brains behind The Investment Forum wanted to demonstrate its expertise to local and international attendees, they called us.


Ushering a speciality coffee shop onto the scene, the Amorphous way.


Dot Network’s precision targeting allowed Investec to speak to only stockbrokers online.

Obsidian Systems

Dot Network’s targeting allowed Obsidian Systems to reach decision makers in the FinTech world and make them aware of the Atlassian in Africa Summit 2018.


Educating people with more than R2.5 million investable about a new financial product.

Megarom Just Cause 4

Dot Network found gamers, told them about the launch of a brand new game, and got them to buy directly from the distributor.

Microsoft Azure for Tarsus on Demand

Dot Network created a targeted audience to educate customers about Microsoft Azure’s new cloud-based servers.


We were invited to pitch on the weber website project. You need to have a sound blueprint for building websites.

Edgars Club – Travel Mailer

The "hero offer" of the travel mailer was the three specials for cruises. We let the visuals do the work and kept the copy to a minimum, only calling out the basic details, price, and the fact that kids stay for free.

Nissan 360

As part of a proposal, Amorphous conceptualised a custom app that added some high-octane fuel to Nissan’s 360 Experience. The intuitive, easy-to-use app helped visitors navigate the event, so that they could book test drives, see who was winning in the race car simulator and where they could have a pit stop. It put the world of Nissan in every visitor’s pocket.


We created a reader experience that is a slick, seamless, glossy and high definition with beautifully backlit photography.


We were tasked with providing digital marketing and advertising services as well as support to the numerous business units that comprise Nedbank.


VIDI was the first African VOD (Video On Demand) service to offer both a monthly subscription option and/or instant rental options across one platform.


British Airways approached us to introduce online bookings across various countries in Africa.


South Africa's award-winning, leading burger brand has been dishing out 100% pure beef, flame-grilled burgers for almost 50 years.


Being one of South Africa's oldest and most loved newspapers, The Sunday Times has been bringing people up to date with the latest news since 1906.

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