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Sanlam Investments

This is how we built a communication strategy around a specialist investment product, added functional design and revved up the campaign with data activation.

The institutional investment sales challenge

With the launch of a new financial offering, Absolute Returns, Sanlam Investments required a strategic way to spread awareness and generate demand amongst the people who would be using the product, namely institutional investors and independent financial advisers. Spreading this message far and wide would have been a waste of media budget – it had to be seen by the right audience only.

The creative and data-driven solution

The first step was messaging. We built a messaging matrix around the emotional benefits, functions and attributes of the investment product to guide the audience of institutional investors through the decision funnel.

Next up was design. Absolute Returns can be a bit of a nebulous concept to convey visually, but our digital designers used both abstract and dynamic photographs to express the unique features of this investment product.

The final ingredient was using data activation to target only the right audience of institutional decision makers and independent financial advisers. Our audience for this account-based marketing campaign was 1 200 strong.

The results

Right out the gates, the campaign was a success. On average, people engaged with the messaging within 1 day of the first touch. Over the three month period we drove 1 483 people to the website – our attribution modelling showed that independent financial advisors and institutional investors shared the link with colleagues in the B2B financial services sector.

Across the campaign 50.7% of the audience took action on the website, such as downloading fund sheets and brochures and watching videos about this specialist investment product.

Account-based marketing campaign

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