We thrive on innovation that brings more bucks to our clients’ businesses, whether they are B2B or B2C.

We love the benchmark set high. The gauntlet thrown. We are a fearless digital agency that wants to colour industries and seek returns from naught. We build websites. We conjure apps and online advertising that really really work. We are obsessed with the numbers. We live for brave clients that want more... more forethought, more customer delight, more returns. We are Amorphous.


Amorphous Stride is a subsidiary of Amorphous New Media and has 51% black ownership and 48% black women ownership, making us a level 2 Exempted Micro Enterprise. The formation of Amorphous Stride is a reflection of Amorphous New Media’s commitment to being a catalyst for positive change in people’s lives and supporting them on their path to economic freedom.

We’re the change we want to see

Even with all the positive changes happening in South Africa, the stories of transformation, hope and triumph, there are still too many people left behind. The ones who fail matric because they don’t have a light to study by, the ones who have to drop out of school so they can work to support their families, the ones who every day taste the bitter desperation of not knowing how they will feed their children that night. We’ve decided to do something about that by creating Amorphous Stride.

Our shareholders

We’ve partnered with two phenomenal organisations that are creating tangible change in the very heart of our society. We are proud to touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of South Africans and contribute to the upliftment that ripples out through communities and generations.

A hand up, not a hand out – Phakamani Foundation

“Rise up” is what Phakamani means in isiZulu, and it is exactly what this organisation assists women in poor areas to do. By investing more than R95 million in micro-loans to over 70 000 entrepreneurs in rural areas, Phakamani spreads hope and dignity, and enables women to create safe, comfortable lives for their families and future generations.

Educating for life – ORT SA

Years of toil in a low-income job, even with a positive attitude, is not enough to lift a person out of poverty. This is why ORT SA believes in the power of education. Since it was launched in South Africa in 2004, it has improved the lives of over 67 000 learners and 1 500 teachers, in hundreds of schools.

Together we make a difference

In terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, Amorphous Stride is a level 2 Exempted Micro Enterprise, and as such we are able to provide our clients 150% recognition for their spend with Amorphous Stride. That means when we work together, we’re spreading sustainable empowerment that ripples out through our country’s economy. Join us.

It’s not only your company that will benefit. When you work with us, more women will set up their own enterprises with the support of a micro loan from Phakamani Foundation. Their families will eat better and their children can finish school. More learners will have access to ORT and be able to carve out successful paths for themselves. And with their prosperous careers, they will uplift their families.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

How preferential procurement works

The Revised Codes of Good Practice that have been in force since 1 May 2015 make complying with certain elements of the scorecard unavoidable. Preferential Procurement is one of these priority elements. If a company does not achieve 40% of the 25 point target, that company's BEE score will be discounted by one Level.

How do companies score preferential procurement points?

By spending a portion of their Total Measured Procurement Spend (TMPS) with Empowering Entities. TMPS includes capital expenses, operational expenses and cost of sales. Salaries, taxes and imported goods with a brand or specification unavailable in South Africa are not counted in TMPS. Empowering Entities currently include most companies with an Empowerment Certificate.

Targets and levels

Empowerment Level makes some difference to Preferential Procurement, but not as much as people may think. The make-up of the ownership of the supplier is far more important in the points earned. Each rand spent with a Level 1 supplier may be multiplied by 135% when calculating Procurement Points. Spend with a Level 4 supplier is multiplied by 100% and so on.

Targets and levels




Empowering Entities:



Majority Black Owned Entities:



> 30% Black Woman Owned Entities:



Exempt Micro Enterprises - (EME) turnover < R10m:



Qualifying Small Enterprises - (QSE) turnover R10m to R50m:



Majority Designated Group Owned Entities (bonus points):           



Spending 10% of TMPS with a 25% Black Owned, Level 1, Generic Enterprise
(turnover greater than R50m per year) will achieve:
135% × 8% ÷ 80% × 5
= .675 of a point

Signing a new contract with an EME or QSE (or renewing the contract for a further three years) allows the purchasing company to multiply the spend by a factor of 1.2. So, signing the right contract for the same 8% of TMPS with a Majority Black Owned; 30% Black Woman Owned QSE will achieve:
125% × 1.2 × 8% ÷ 80% × 5
8% ÷ 40% × 9
8% ÷ 12% × 4
8% ÷ 15% × 3
= 10.65 points

A supplier with the correct ownership structure will provide its clients with more than 15 times more Preferential Procurement points than some Level 1 rated companies can.



Founded 31 August 1997 as merger between OceanView Design and Powernex

First Internet Banking Design on the Continent for Nedbank

Multi-lingual ecommerce for British Airways Middle East and Africa in Arabic, Farsi, French, Portuguese and obviously English

Form Digital Corporate Communications Business - Amorphous Corporate

Sales of 51% to Avusa Media (now Times Media Group)

South Africa's first no-branch digital bank - Pick n Pay go Banking

Form Media Sales House for Avusa - We Sell Web Ads

Design the future of banking for Microsoft and Standard Bank

Launch cell C mobile and website

Juice cell C's mobile content and music network

Develop and distribute apps for Sunday Times, Business Day Wanted and Financial Mail

Design and develop PepsiCo Global Brand Demand Moments with It's a Go

Found Hudlr as joint venture with 3 Way Marketing (www.hudlr.co.za)

Purchase 50% of Acceleration Media (now 25AM) partners with Lagardre (www.lagardere.com/)

Strategy, design and build for VIDI.co.za, South Africa's first web TV offering

South Africa's first interactive lifestyle magazine app for Edgars Club

Purchase remaining shares back from Times Media Group to become fully independent digital agency and media sales house


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We believe that the clients we do business with say a lot about the type of agency we are. We are brave, live for a challenge and push boundaries in all we do. Are you what we're looking for?

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