Auto & General Cross Triathlon Event Design

Steyn City

As part of their ongoing efforts to offer a wide range of sporting events at their world-class facilities, Steyn City played host to the inaugural Auto & General Cross Triathlon.

The challenge

Part of the success of this event was establishing a new triathlon as a brand in it’s own right.

This meant developing and branding a three stage event across 2000 acres of parkland for over 500 professional athletes, not to mention camera crews, radio broadcasters and hundreds of spectators on the day.

Branding across the event had to include two sponsors as well as the event hosts, Steyn City.

Part of the challenge meant ensuring that spectators and athletes alike would want to return to Steyn City again and again. 

The solution

  1. Developing the designs for a sporting event needs to be comprehensive, this means considering the customer experience and ensuring that Steyn City as the host forms a critical cornerstone of all communications, while ensuring that the facilities are front and centre of the athletes experience. 
  2. Taking the above into account meant designing everything from the logo for the event to race signage which included gantries, fence and gate wraps and podium backdrops and banner flags. 
  3. Triathlons offer a lot of touch points when it comes to branding. Besides race signage, branded elements also included the medal for winners and participants, lanyards and straps, caps, shirts, along with virtual elements such as website updates, race guides and mailers.

The results

On the 26th of February, 500 athletes participated in the inaugural Auto & General Cross Triathlon, swimming 600m across the Steyn City lagoon, cycling 30km through pristine parkland and running along Steyn City’s secure promenade to reach the finish line.  

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