Web and application development for front line staff


Enabling end users to register their newly purchased car battery online and be able to always see if the battery is still under warranty. Enabling AutoX to communicate to end users and also to easily facilitate claims.

The challenge

Keeping track of battery warranty expirations

Managing and tracking claims

Managing and tracking claim replacement batteries

Large number of fraudulent claims

The solution

Tamper proof Battery serial numbers and QR codes printed directly on batteries

End user scan QR code and register battery online

Batteries are tracked through entire life cycle (Factory, Charging Stations, Resellers, End users, Claims)

Resellers can lookup battery and submit claims as well as enter replacement batteries

Integrated to Salesforce for client communication

End user can lookup warranty expiration date

Reseller incentive scheme to drive adoption (AUTOXMEN system)

The results

Responsive website


User experience (UX) design
Web development
Custom CMS
3rd party API integration
Database design

Amorphous New Media_AutoX-RegisterYourBattery-Welcome
Landing Page
Amorphous New Media_AutoX-RegisterYourBattery-Welcome
Reseller Backend
Battery Registration Page
AUTOXMEN incentive Portal