Fourways Mall Wayfinding

Fourways Mall

The customer experience challenge

How do you help people navigate the biggest mall in Southern Africa, with over 400 stores and 8 000 parking bays? With an Amorphous wayfinding and in-mall branding campaign.

The immersive design solution

We used a design-led strategy to identify the main sections of the mall, each of which had a colour and cartoon character associated with it. The colours were used in the lighting, and we printed 3D models of each character.

Alongside this in-mall branding campaign, we designed a map that divided the main sections of the mall into smaller chunks, without going so deep into the details of each shop number. This map was put on the website and printed for people to use in the mall.

The result 

Happy customers and tenants explored the mall with ease and confidence, sharing the map with shoppers and telling their friends on social media how much they loved it.

In-mall branding


Project planning
Communication strategy
Brand strategy
Digital design
Motion graphics
User interface design
User experience design
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4wm mall wayfinding
fourways Mall wayfinding
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