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The digital transformation challenge

Being one of South Africa’s oldest and most loved newspapers, The Sunday Times has been bringing people up to date with the latest news since 1906.

Its digital iteration, Times LIVE, opened the paper to the world by enabling its readers to move beyond the bounds of hard copy and getting their news delivered straight to their desktops and devices. With these two established delivery channels in its arsenal, TMG approached Amorphous to harness the power of digital to create a combined delivery method for both papers, based on an advertiser model.

The solution – strategy & app development 

Amorphous was tasked with mapping out a plan so that TMG’s digital and print interests worked as a cohesive whole. We had to come up with a way to combine the old with the new into one accessible content offering.

Luckily, our digital smarts, not to mention red hot app development skills were just the right match for the task, so we took a deep breath and jumped right in. Strategically driven, we developed a deadly and comprehensive game plan to tie the various traditional and digital distribution channels together.

The results – streamlined ad revenue 

Together with TMG, Amorphous applied its technology skills and talent for strategy to bring a combined print and digital publication strategy to life through one slick, well-oiled app. In short: web, direct and third-party content sales – sorted.

Mobile application development
Content management system
Web application development
Digital publishing
Project planning
Digital design
Mobile app development
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Innovation strategy
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Strategy & prototypes

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Amorphous_Strategy & prototypes_Web & application development_Sunday Times
Amorphous_Strategy & prototypes_Web & application development_Sunday Times