High networth precision advertising

Steyn City

Situated north of Johannesburg, South Africa, Steyn City is an exclusive parkland residence with properties ranging from freehold stands, houses and luxury apartments.

The advertising targeting challenge

Mass market advertising is not effective for high-value products, such as property in Steyn City, as the majority of the audiences who see the messaging cannot afford the purchase price. This leads to wasted budgets and ineffective campaigns. 

Steyn City had just opened a new suburb of freehold stands with a premium price tag and they needed an advertising campaign that would not only find their ideal customers, but also engage them in a way that led to sales.

The account-based marketing (ABM) solution

Using our account-based marketing (ABM) tools, we strategised and executed an advertising campaign that reached the right people, and only them, with targeted and relevant messaging. 

We built an audience of high-net worth individuals and served them ads at a high frequency. The range of advertising creative meant that we could expose them to the brand and build familiarity without the risk of banner blindness. Ads were served across the internet, wherever our target audience browsed.

The high value sales results

This campaign ran over a number of months and right from the start it was a success. After 4 weeks the conversion rate was already at 2.38% and because those leads were primed and could afford to buy, the campaign paid for itself many times over right out the gate. 

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Amorphous new media_Data activation_account based marketing_premium advertising campaign
Amorphous new media_Data activation_account based marketing_premium advertising campaign