Digital transformation for the loyalty program


Amorphous helped take Edgars Club into the future by introducing a well-timed distribution solution for the first fully interactive digital lifestyle magazine in South Africa. Our account based advertising campaigns made sure it found a huge readership.

The digital transformation challenge

Edgars Club is an 800,000 strong paid rewards club with over 50 benefit partners. In the past, communication with this segment had been through a print magazine, which cost R100 million a year, just to print and distribute.

To better engage and retain members, Edgars Club approached Amorphous for a digital transformation strategy and solution.

The data-driven full spectrum solution 

A highly detailed measurement framework was developed against which the team could run multiple tests, digital marketing campaigns and programmes to determine engagement, benefit partner usage and retail sales. A high-definition content-led mobile app, website, social media, mailers and data-driven advertising were leveraged to drive this transformation.

At Amorphous we love pushing boundaries and being early adopters. We’re not into creating flat, dull ‘page flipper’ digital publications that mirror their hard copy counterparts’ lack of interactivity. What we do like, is creating beautiful, captivating apps that deliver a smooth, beguiling and (most importantly) digitally enhanced experience.

The result – retail profits

Working with Edgars Club, Amorphous used the power of digital transformation to generate profit for the business.

By harnessing the power of Adobe Digital Publishing Suite we brought to life a cross-device digital edition that was intuitive to navigate, exciting to interact with and visually captivating enough to bring readers back again and again. With account based marketing and data activation we drove partner usage.

The print magazine was discontinued whilst the business unit became the largest profit generator in the group.

In addition to subscription and partner revenue, the average Edgars Club member spends 30% more and visits stores two times more often than the average shopper. Basically, it was a hugely profitable digital transformation.

Mobile application
Customer Relationship Management
Strategy & prototypes
Design & customer experience
Web & application development
Account-based marketing & advertising
Amorphous_digital transformation & agency services_Edgars Club
Amorphous_digital transformation & agency services_Edgars Club
Amorphous_digital transformation & agency services_Edgars Club
Amorphous_digital transformation & agency services_Edgars Club