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Account based marketing

Finding the decision makers in a business can be tricky; buying space on premium industry-related websites and then hoping for the best doesn’t cut it for B2B marketing and advertising.

Amorphous uses best practice account based marketing techniques and data activation to solve this sales challenge. Our sophisticated technology finds people where they actually are on the internet, because yes, the head of investments at a major bank might spend half of her online time watching mixed martial arts. That means you don’t waste your marketing budget buying specific advertising space that is shown to anyone, no matter if they are in your target audience or not.

Apart from optimising your marketing budget, data activation allows you to create specific messages that are applicable to your target audience only. For instance, if your product is only for financial advisors, it will only be shown to them. Non-financial professionals will be excluded from the campaign.

We did this for Sanlam Investments Africa when they had a highly targeted niche audience of institutional investors in Europe with a mandate to invest $500M in Africa.

Amorphous New Media
Account based marketing (ABM)
Niche audiences construction and activation
Industry-specific communication
Specialist audiences – Financial Advisors
Specialist audiences – Institutional Investors
Specialist audiences – IT resellers
Data activation – Account based advertising
Email marketing 

Lead generation & demand generation using account based advertising

Fill up your sales funnel with high quality leads. We curate and generate valuable content by industry experts that will make the right people only too happy to give you their email addresses.

When you have pre-screened leads, you know that your audience is more likely to engage with your company and the services you provide, giving you a head start to meet your business needs.

Our demand generation services will get your ideal customers excited about your products and services by tantalising them with strategic awareness and education campaigns.

Data activation
Targeted communication
Whitepapers and lead magnets
Landing page creation and optimisation
Sales funnel analysis
Email marketing
Demand generation
Product awareness 
Product education
Channel management
Targeted campaigns
Email marketing

Digital direct marketing

Skip the slush pile that is the inbox. Instead, we’ll put your message in places your targets will actually see it, so by the time you’re ready to hit send on that email, they want to hear from you.

Digital media buying & reporting

The internet is big, y’all. So where’s the best place to put your ads online? Our digital media buyers will get the best bang for your media buck, and then optimise the campaign based on the results.

We create live dashboards for each client so you have constant access to your campaigns performance metrics and can see the impact it is having on your website or landing page interactions.

Data activation
Targeted advertising
Email marketing
Programmatic advertising 
Media strategy
Campaign management and optimisation
Reporting and analytics
Dashboard development

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