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Websites & Programming

No matter how complicated your content is, our skilled user experience (UX) designers will create a content architecture and that’s so friendly for users, it invites them in for coffee.

When we designed and developed the website for William Kentridge, an artist who has been producing work since the 1970s, our first challenge was how to structure the abundance of content. We devised an information architecture that allowed users to either search and find a specific artwork or project, or to explore the website via theme or project.

Our team of developers deployed an application programming interface (API) to seamlessly integrate with the artist studio’s database application, so that when the studio added more work to their internal systems, they could mark and tag it so that it would dynamically appear on the site in the appropriate places.

The website’s backend media library contains 10,000 images, so we deployed a content distribution network that allows for local server caching to rapidly increase the speed of the website. Being able to upload very high resolution without compromising site performance meant that users can zoom in to the point of seeing individual pencil strokes on the art.

The powerful custom-coded search functionality at the heart of the website allows users to search by tags, medium or artwork title.

Our techies also coded a custom ordering for search results to return the most relevant results of the massive portfolio of work. All search results were split into text and image. The art was then ordered according to custom metadata order: year, project, medium, type and title.

User experience (UX) strategy
Technology strategy
Front- and back-end development
Mobile app development
Content management systems (CMS)
Information architecture
User testing
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP
WordPress, Concrete5, Joomla
Jquery, Node, React, Bootstrap
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Data configuration and analytics
Website maintenance
Responsive websites 

Mobile Apps

Put your business in the pockets of your customers with a bespoke mobile app. Whether you need to publish your content or offer transactional services, we’ll build you a slick app that will work on tablets, iPads and Android devices.

For Edgars, we created a fully interactive digital magazine that was fun to engage with. Underneath it’s gorgeous interface was a digital transformation, content and media strategy that drove Edgars Club members to stores twice as often as non-members, and increased their spend by 30%.

User experience strategy
iOS/Android Apps
Front- and back-end development 
Mobile app development
Content management systems (CMS) 
Information architecture
Digital publishing 

Case studies in Web & Application Development

Design and system architecture for the world renowned artist
Through-the-line design and communications for the investment group
Creative assets to help the financial services firm secure new business
Transforming their digital channels to serve institutional investors, financial advisors and retail investors across the globe
Progressive web application rolled out through all outlets