Amorphous is a fearless digital marketing agency with extensive experience in both B2B and B2C industries.

From conceptualisation and strategy, to design, development and hyper-targeted marketing, we offer a full spectrum of services. Let’s work together to transform your business.


Fourways Mall

See how Amorphous created a new logo and vibrant marketing campaign to entice shoppers to return to Fourways Mall after years of construction.

Momentum Whitepaper

How do you bring a complicated technical document to life? With an Amorphous idea.

Get the 411

Amorphous built a platform that spread good vibes around a community from a grass-roots level.

Sanlam Africa Investments

With our sister company and data specialists, Dot Network, we created a campaign for highly valuable investors. Like $500 million valuable.


We created a reader experience that is a slick, seamless, glossy and high definition with beautifully backlit photography.


We were tasked with providing digital marketing and advertising services as well as support to the numerous business units that comprise Nedbank.


VIDI is the first African VOD (Video On Demand) service to offer both a monthly subscription option and/or instant rental options across one platform.


British Airways approached us to introduce online bookings across various countries in Africa.

News & Views

7 Tips on how to use data collection to increase sales

The data you collect is hiding all sorts of insights that could be very valuable if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, a large percentage of this veritable treasure trove of data collected by businesses in South Africa isn’t used effectively or to its full potential. Making sense...

Ad blockers may not be the bad news we all fear

Ad blockers have given advertisers and brands alike a bit of a scare. Ads are a necessary part of the ecosystem, because they form a major source of revenue for online publishers. But due to slow-loading websites and the distraction of overly cluttered webpages, many people have come to...

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