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Direct marketing goes new school: How data activation can give your campaigns the competitive edge

For all its benefits, direct marketing in its traditional forms is unsustainable for a modern digital audience. Amorphous Stride’s Grant Shippey looks at how using big data can make direct marketing really work. Direct marketing is a hugely empowering tool for companies that want to talk directly to their...

Personalised marketing: Minority Report might not be so farfetched after all

Steven Spielberg’s 2002 science-fiction film Minority Report imagines a world in 2054 where every aspect of life is monitored by personalised digital information, including shopping fueled by personalised marketing. The movie’s protagonist, played by Tom Cruise, walks into a mall and is immediately engaged by screens and audio offering him clothing...

Integrated experiences Classic FM interview

How the Minority Report is influencing the way for digital 15 years later. Our very own Grant Shippey and Michael Avery from Classic FM take a look. Click the link to have a listen:

Amorphous featured on

Amorphous featured on with Grant Shippey – Digify Africa    

The hybrid life

Are we approaching a work/life singularity? We asked professionals how they view the blurring of lines between the professional self and the personal self today and in future – and how this affects their lives specifically. Although traditionally existing as two separate entities, it has become evident that technology...

Programmatic network for fashion, beauty launched in SA

A new programmatic advertising platform, targeting the fashion, beauty and fragrance industries, has been launched by digital agency, Amorphous. FashionBeauty.Network (FB.N) now Dot Network integrates data sets of the client (advertiser) with those supplied by third parties (media platforms) to range over multiple digital-media properties. The platform, which targets South...

Seven Mistakes Marketers Make When Generating Leads

The main focus of every commercial enterprise is to make money, which relies on converting marketing leads into customers. And this means that companies get the best value for their money when their efforts generate accurate leads in the first place. The best lead is one that costs the...

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