Buy audiences, not ad space

Media waste has always been a serious concern for the advertising industry, but it is becoming even more so in the digital age. As a result SA digital agencies are being forced to innovate flexible, cost-effective strategies that focus more on the audience and less on buying hectares of ad space in the hope that […]

7 Tips on how to use data collection to increase sales

The data you collect is hiding all sorts of insights that could be very valuable if you know how to use it. Unfortunately, a large percentage of this veritable treasure trove of data collected by businesses in South Africa isn’t used effectively or to its full potential. Making sense of this information can be overwhelming […]

Ad blockers may not be the bad news we all fear

Ad blockers have given advertisers and brands alike a bit of a scare. Ads are a necessary part of the ecosystem, because they form a major source of revenue for online publishers. But due to slow-loading websites and the distraction of overly cluttered webpages, many people have come to hate online advertising and have welcomed […]

Retailers in the market for intelligent advertising strategies

Let’s be real. Retail has taken a hard knock this year and it doesn’t appear as if things are going to improve in any substantial way that could make up for these losses. In the past year, TFG’s share price decreased by 5.38%, while the Mr Price Group’s share price decreased by 21.04%. In the […]

The year of analytical digital marketing campaigns

Marketing has never been as precise or rewarding. Brands can place campaigns in front of people who want their products and services on the specific platform they’re using at the exact time they are using it. No media wastage, just an increase in sales and the true effects of a good return on investment. Which […]

Using technology to prime your big leads for better brand retention

The music’s pumping, you catch the stranger’s eye across the room. After a few flirtatious smiles, you head over. Your game is strong. You ask them their name, get their number and then smoothly ask if they’d like to move in together and get a joint bank account. Wait. What?! Exactly. Building a long-term relationship […]

Don’t discount the small agency for your big data needs

Here it comes. Another round of big data talk. The reality is that it’s not going away. Everyone is using big data to draw insights on consumer behaviour, improve the quality of their sales lead data, increase the quality of their sales leads, and generate greater value from marketing campaigns. But the big question, now, […]