Roll-out of online booking and country websites for 27 countries, in 5 languages, including Arabic and Farsi

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Operating since the start of civil aviation, British Airways is one of the world's oldest airlines, with a wingspan stretching right across the world. Being a leader in commercial air travel, BA is characterised by flexibility, speed and smarts. Three things which, coincidentally, Amorphous is known for too. When they approached us to introduce online bookings across various countries in Africa, we had to make sure we could serve up the BA product with local flair.



Striking a balance between localisation while staying in line with the overall BA brand was key to this project, so we designed a robust information architecture that could withstand and respond to the changing digital and cultural landscape of each country's website preference.

Our focus on responsive design played a key role in making sure that both form and function were flexible and appropriate. We designed a taxonomy that we're pretty proud of for all the right reasons – it's able to translate from English to Portuguese, French, Classic Arabic and Farsi. It's also versatile enough to provide navigation options that enable the user to read from either right to left or left to right.

Just to make sure we kept hitting the sweet spot, we employed real life translators to comb through our communication channels for wayward anomalies in language, design and layout.

The Result

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