The "hero offer" of the travel mailer was the three specials for cruises. We let the visuals do the work and kept the copy to a minimum, only calling out the basic details, price, and the fact that kids stay for free.

Our Role

  • UX
  • UI

The other travel offers were combined into a journey that the reader takes (hence the footprints). So, for instance, they would use their Sunglass Hut voucher to get new sunglasses before going to the beach – which is the Blue Marlin special. Creating this journey allowed us to keep the mailer fairly short, but also bring in the lifestyle element that is key to Edgars Club. 


Other Case Studies



VIDI is the first African VOD (Video On Demand) service to offer both a monthly subscription option and/or instant rental options across one platform.


Dot Network’s targeting allowed Obsidian Systems to reach decision makers in the FinTech world and make them aware of the Atlassian in Africa Summit 2018.


Being one of South Africa's oldest and most loved newspapers, The Sunday Times has been bringing people up to date with the latest news since 1906.

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