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Get closer to your customers with hyper-local marketing

Grant Shippey, CEO of Amorphous, talks about enabling a marketing strategy that is geographically focused on small, localised pockets of consumers. “The big difference between traditional marketing and hyper-local marketing is essentially Geography; it’s about how small an area you actually want to talk to,” says Shippey. Television has...

Word on the Tweet

Retargeting across multiple devices

One of the biggest problems that companies face with their websites is traction, the ability to get first-time visitors to return. Lots of money is spent on digital campaigns to drive new traffic to websites, but only a small percentage of users follow through on the call to action...

Elastic Media Africa expands further into Africa

Last year, Amorphous Group launched Elastic Media Africa (EMA), an online media buying tool that offers a host of products for brands and advertisers. This year, EMA has expanded into Africa, allowing businesses to market themselves online with efficiency and ease. Cameron McNaughton outlines the African landscape. As mobile telecommunication...

Know your customers with geo-demographic filters

Why geo-demographic filters are integral to your business.

Digital campaigns: An alternative to focus groups?

Linden Shearar of Amorphous New Media argues the benefits of a digital campaign versus a focus group and urges advertisers to sit up and take note. It may save them a lot of money.

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